Equilibrium Skin Soother 200ml

Equilibrium Skin Soother 200ml

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Help soothe skin irritations gently and naturally

Skin Soother is a natural cooling gel to help calm and soothe skin irritations caused by insect bites, chafing, rubs, or sunburn. Skin Soother cooling gel is ideal for:

  • Mane and tail rubs
  • Sunburn
  • Sensitivedry or flaky skin
  • Itchy, irritated skin
  • Relief from insect or mite bites

Skin Soother is made with active ingredients that have been carefully selected to help soothe and calm skin irritations gently and naturally, including Aloe VeraSpearmintChamomile and Calendula.  

Skin Soother contains no ingredients on the FEI list of banned substances, effective January 2018